Chris Reccardi’s prolific art extends into the music world and as a professional musician and composer, he has contributed to numerous soundtracks as well as live/recording work with bands, exchanging the roles of bassist, guitarist  and composer.

Chris is currently recording a new album under the pseudonym Psellophane with a planned 2019 release and live shows that will include a cast of eclectic musicians,  state of the art lighting, live video and original animation to present the “ultimate modern psychedelic pop experience.”


1990: As founding member of “Der Screamin’ Lederhsen” Chris and bandmates Jim Smith and Scott Huml co-write/record the title themes to “The Ren & Stimpy Show” and various soundtracks while working on the animated cult cartoon series. They take their avant-guarde blend of Jazz/Blues/Psychedelia on the road, playing live shows in L.A’s underground club scene. After the firing of R &S creator John K. by Nickelodeon, Jim Smith leaves the band and the group dissolves.

Der Screamin’ Lederhosen, 1991: Smith(L), Reccardi (c), Huml (R)

1993-95: Chris continues to score background music for various  “R & S” episodes he is directing, including “Hermit Ren”, “The Scotsman” and “Rens Brain” to name a few.

2001: Chris co-writes the score for “IMP, Inc.” an original pilot for Cartoon Network co-created with fellow cartoonist/director Charlie Bean

2007: Chris scores and performs entire soundtrack  for “The Modifyers” an original animated pilot Co-Created with Lynne Naylor. Using various vintage 1960’s basses, guitars, synthesizers and drum kits, Chris’s score richly embellishes the unique “Psy-Fi” cartoon, helping it develop a cult following on YouTube.

2011-2014  Chris is recruited by ex-The Cars guitarist (and Reccardi art collector) Elliot Easton as bassist/art director for Elliot Easton’s Tiki Gods. The group explores a colorful blend of Exotica, 60’s Spy theme, Tiki and Space-Lounge genres and includes Chris’s sole contribution “Nocturnia, Moon Goddess” , a lush 7-minute instrumental.

Left to Right: Nick Walusko, Chris Reccardi, Elliot Easton, Todd Jaeger

2014-15 The short lived Fono 66 is formed, featuring Nick Walusko (Brian Wilson, The Wondermints) They record an EP, perform at Tiki Oasis and other Tiki-Themed live venues. Shows open with the Epic “Fono66 Theme”, penned by Reccardi:

Fono 66 (Reccardi center)


2016-present: Chris forms Psellophane…”the Ultimate Modern Psy-Pop experience”. Album due in late 2019…..



Space Express (Psellophane)

Psellophane Jane (Psellophane)

Evelaine (Psellophane)