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NEW Chris Reccardi custom art installation for Tender Greens opens July 2015

Chris Reccardi has once again been commissioned by Tender Greens, Southern California’s massively successful (and most loved!) sustainably-operated restaurant chain, for a new custom 12-piece art installation at their newest location in Westwood, CA, due to open this coming July. Reccardi’s unique large-format art pieces will be incorporated into the design of the new space to provide a colorful pictorial backdrop to the franchise’s stylish urban/modern/organic aesthetic. Located in Westwood’s bustling UCLA/Financial district and measuring in at at over 3000 square feet, the new location is their largest yet and will provide a vibrant gathering place for students, artists & businesspeople with delicious food from sustainable local farms and artisan beer/wine from local producers.

Resulting from a collaborative idea session with Tender Greens co-founder Erik Olberholtzer, Chris is in the early design stages of a unique multi-piece narrative that draws from his many years as an animation storyteller/designer and fine artist to portray through characters and symbolism an emotionally personable story embodying the “Circle of Life” that connects us all.

Reccardi’s work can be seen in two other Tender Greens locations; an 8-piece installation in their Pasadena store and a (large!) 2-piece installation at Marina Del Rey. As with previous installations, limited editions of Chris’s Tender Greens prints will be available for purchase through his website Official grand opening dates for Westwood will be announced in late June 2015.

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NEW “Lightbox” Giclees by Chris Reccardi

16" x 48". Giclee on transparent media/LED light panel

16″ x 48″. Giclee on transparent media/LED light panel, framed. To order, please use the contact form below.




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Chris Reccardi launches NEW book on Kickstarter!

Chris Reccardi has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund his first publication “Affirmations for Pessimists”, an absurd collection of hideous drawings cheerfully captioned with cynical alternatives to today’s “popular” wisdom. Pledge prizes include free signed books, caricatures, giclee print limited editions from the book and free giclee prints from the store. The book features 50 original illustrations that showcase the “nastier” side of Chris’s work and upon successful funding (and it’s almost there) should be available in April 2013. Funding deadline is February 20th, 2013 so please check it out and if you kick in today you’ll get a free signed book and other rewards!

Elliot Easton / Robert Kantor “Stoned” Guitar project

In August 2011 I received an unusual request from Elliot Easton, The Cars legendary guitarist. He had been approached by Robert Kantor (famous for his ‘bling’ guitar creations for the likes of Lady Gaga, Steve Stevens and a host of other guitar greats) who offered to create a one-of-a-kind Swaravski Crystal encrusted guitar for Elliot. All they needed was a design….

I had always been a huge Cars fan. They were a BIG deal in New York when they hit, in no small way due to Easton’s incendiary guitar work, which made their version of radio-friendly New Wave palatable to us legions of hardened teenage Zep/Sabbath/Halen disciples. I snuck in to see them live in Central Park in ’79 (part of my teenage stupidity was the inability to budget my lawn mowing money evenly across the expenses of  blank cassettes, new records and crappy weed) and with that hanging over my head, plus the fact the Elliot had already been collecting my art (he’s a sworn Mid-Century Mod enthusiast) not to mention he also hails from Long Island….. this unusual design opportunity seemed like the obvious thing to do!

Elliot decided to use a stock Gibson SG as the Guinea Pig. I started with a standard Gibson SG template, flipped it left-handed….


I did several rough drawings, each trying to work with the natural contours of the guitar while attempting to service both Tiki and Psychedelic influences as per Elliot’s request. Not easy!


Final color version “painted” in Photoshop


Mockup picturing final guitar with strings, knobs, accessories


Day 1: Kantor applies painted image to the guitar based on my color printout….


The stone work begins….Thousands of Swaravski Crystals are hand-applied….painstakingly respecting every shape and contour of both the design and the guitar.


The stone work continues….


The stone work continues…. even the pickups get treated!


Almost finished….


Detail of ‘stoned’ knobs


The finished piece!


Detail showing the beauty and intricacy of the Stone work….


The master craftsman, Robert Kantor


Proud owner Elliot posing in front of some suspiciously familiar art…


Wait a minute…. who does the Guitar Signing here….?

Tender Greens

“Love, Pasadena”

Permanent installation of new works by Chris Reccardi on display at Tender Greens #6 Pasadena, CA. Eight custom-designed pieces produced as large-format Giclee prints saluting the people and landmarks of one of California’s oldest and greatest cities. Each one of these works are available in limited editions for purchase by local residents. To see these works in person, stop in at Tender Greens at 621 East Colorado Blvd. and experience delicious, locally and sustainably-grown food in a hip, modern setting.

Please visit the Tender Greens Blog to read more about this project (please scroll down)

“Ariel”…the flagship piece. (measures 72″ x 36”)