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Elliot Easton / Robert Kantor “Stoned” Guitar project

In August 2011 I received an unusual request from Elliot Easton, The Cars legendary guitarist. He had been approached by Robert Kantor (famous for his ‘bling’ guitar creations for the likes of Lady Gaga, Steve Stevens and a host of other guitar greats) who offered to create a one-of-a-kind Swaravski Crystal encrusted guitar for Elliot. All they needed was a design….

I had always been a huge Cars fan. They were a BIG deal in New York when they hit, in no small way due to Easton’s incendiary guitar work, which made their version of radio-friendly New Wave palatable to us legions of hardened teenage Zep/Sabbath/Halen disciples. I snuck in to see them live in Central Park in ’79 (part of my teenage stupidity was the inability to budget my lawn mowing money evenly across the expenses of  blank cassettes, new records and crappy weed) and with that hanging over my head, plus the fact the Elliot had already been collecting my art (he’s a sworn Mid-Century Mod enthusiast) not to mention he also hails from Long Island….. this unusual design opportunity seemed like the obvious thing to do!

Elliot decided to use a stock Gibson SG as the Guinea Pig. I started with a standard Gibson SG template, flipped it left-handed….


I did several rough drawings, each trying to work with the natural contours of the guitar while attempting to service both Tiki and Psychedelic influences as per Elliot’s request. Not easy!


Final color version “painted” in Photoshop


Mockup picturing final guitar with strings, knobs, accessories


Day 1: Kantor applies painted image to the guitar based on my color printout….


The stone work begins….Thousands of Swaravski Crystals are hand-applied….painstakingly respecting every shape and contour of both the design and the guitar.


The stone work continues….


The stone work continues…. even the pickups get treated!


Almost finished….


Detail of ‘stoned’ knobs


The finished piece!


Detail showing the beauty and intricacy of the Stone work….


The master craftsman, Robert Kantor


Proud owner Elliot posing in front of some suspiciously familiar art…


Wait a minute…. who does the Guitar Signing here….?

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